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15/F., OLIV, 15 Sharp St.(Opposite Times Square Car Park)

”Dream creates future."

Ballet blanc is a ballet dance and entertainment studio located in the heart of Hong Kong in Causeway Bay, providing students with high-quality lessons from the age of zero up to adults, with our wishes to introduce the beautiful world of ballet and dance. Through ballet, children and adults will develop both emotional and physical sensitivity to radiate from within. 

All of our programs are well thought out to meet the needs of all age groups. Annual ballet recitals and exciting events are held throughout the year to help students stay motivated. World famous dancers will visit occasionally for special lessons. Ballet techniques will beautifully train not only your mind but also the entire physique. We envision "Blanc" as a white canvas where children are able to paint dynamically in various colors through experience, while valuing the basic colour white with great importance. I am proud to offer new styles of education and creation through my way of communication.

Ballet blancは香港のバレエ教室です。Ballet blancの「ブラン(Blanc)」フランス語で「白(しろ)」を意味しています。白ではじまり、色々な色を経験して、また白にたどり着く。​美しい白の世界観を描いていきたいと思います。日本人講師のいる香港のバレエスタジオへどうぞ足をお運びくださいませ。

Ballet blanc是香港的芭蕾舞教室。「blanc」這個字在法文中代表白色。白色有開始的意思,象徵學生在種種經歷後染上不同的顏色,最終再次回到白色的原點,抽繪潔白純淨的世界。

- Kayo Ugaeri - 

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Hong Kong

15F OLIV 15-21 Sharp Street East

​Causeway Bay 

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15/F OLIV 15-21 Sharp East, Causewaybay

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+852 95512692

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