Ballet Class

Ballet-rythmique 2-3 years ol​d


Enjoy the beautiful rhythm and ballet with your siblings. Learn simple ballet steps together with some creative movement!  The instructor is certified by Association of Ballet Rythmique Japan.

​Angel Class 3-6 years old



As a first step to learning ballet, it is a class that fosters the correct attitude, flexibility and sense of rhythm. Learn rhythms, counts, tempos, and learn basic movements.

Junior A 6-8 years old


In basic bar lessons, while learning the positions of arms and feet, we will acquire the body, music and behavior necessary for ballet. It will be a class that develops a passion for ballet.

Junior B 8-12 years old



In this class, you learn the basics of further ballet, learn the steps, gain physical balance, flexibility, musicality, expressive power and acquire full-fledged ballet steps.

※ There is training by special lecturer



In order to enhance the expressive and presence, we will further develop creativity and acting, and teach them to perform well as an expressive person.