Mon, Mar 30
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Lesson 4 “Tendu”
Lesson 4 🩰 “Tendu” “Tendu” is very important basic movement often be practiced in ballet lesson. Let practice “Tendu” with mu 第四課 🩰 “Tendu” “Tendu”是其中一個十分重要的芭蕾基礎動作,經常出現在芭蕾舞課上!! 讓我們配合音樂一起練習“Tendu” !!🌟
Tue, Mar 17
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Lesson 3 Stretching the ankles is essential to create ballerina legs 腳部拉伸運動
Lessons 3🩰 Some stretching and foot exercise that you can do at home 🌟 第三堂🩰 一些大家在家中都可以一起做到的伸展運動和腳部運動🌟
Mon, Mar 09
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Lesson 1: Basic ballet arms position 芭蕾舞基本手部準備姿勢
We are going to upload video every Monday in our Facebook and instagram! 我們將在每星期一在我們的Facebook和instagram中上傳不同的教學影片!
Mon, Mar 09
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Lesson 2 First step to ballerina 成為芭舞蕾者的第一步
Lessons 2 🩰 Today’s lesson we will be teaching “Plié” !! Which you will learn at the first stage of ballet practice! 第二堂 🩰 今天的課堂我們將會教大家”Pliè”的動作! 這個動作將是你展開芭蕾舞生涯的第一步!
Sun, Jan 19
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The AIA Great European Carnival | 友邦歐陸嘉年華 2020 Performance
今年友邦嘉年會以新奇前衛的面目登場、帶來有別於從前的機動遊戲、攤位遊戲和精彩活動。這些非凡想像的體驗一定會令中環海濱整日都非常熱鬧。 萬眾矚目的表演、令人著迷的技巧、力的表現和靈活性會讓你讚不絕口。 The AIA Carnival will be introducing a futuristic new look to the same traditional Carnival but with new attractions, games, activities and extraordinary performance!!

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