Why not brush up on your techniques and learn a short choreography in one week?  Or if you have always wanted to dance but never had the time, why not try it out this Summer holiday?  

Summer 2018

セッション① バレエの基礎と正しい姿勢を学ぼう

セッション② 音楽性と柔軟性を高めよう

セッション③ ジャンプやステップで大きく身体を動かそう

セッション④ 踊りを踊ってみよう

セッション⑤ 学んだことの発表会


Age 6-12, 11:00-14:00

August 20-23


11:00 am Warm up & Techniques

12:00 pm break 

13:00 pm Choreography & Dance 

14:00 pm End of Lesson!

Age 3-6 , 14:00-16:00 

August 20-23 

TUITION : $1600 for 4 Days


TUITION DUE DATES: Balance tuition due first day of camp

WHAT TO BRING:  lunch Box,warm-up clothes, and dance shoes if any. Girl's hair should be worn in a ponytail off the face.

​※ Studio is closed August 6- August 16